Exploring Thyroid Treatment Options

By Dr. Raymond Douglas, MD PhD Today, we’ll delve into the intricacies of thyroid treatment, particularly regarding the management of Graves’ disease. We’ll explore the choice between radioactive iodine and … Continue reading

Interview with Patient S.S.

by: Dr. Amy Patel Jain TED Questions 1. Stephanie, thank you for graciously agreeing to do this interview. I know it can be nerve wracking to relive your history of … Continue reading

Chronic Illness Check List/Bag

by: Dr. Amy Patel Jain You’ve been diagnosed with Grave’s disease and/or thyroid eye disease. Initially, there may be some relief. You suddenly have an answer to why you’ve been … Continue reading

Diet Recommendations

by: Dr. Shivani Gupta TED: the diet low down You have been diagnosed with TED, and most likely also an underlying autoimmune thyroid condition known as Graves’ disease.  You are … Continue reading

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

by: Dr. Shivani Gupta As a physician who has taken care of patients with autoimmune and anti-inflammatory disorders for over 10 years, I have increasingly incorporated diet modification as an … Continue reading

Facial Swelling and TED

by: Dr. Amy Patel Jain How to cope with facial swelling and thyroid eye disease- An oculofacial plastic surgeon’s take. Thyroid eye disease can lead to significant swelling around the … Continue reading

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